Heli Weekend 5/17/03

This page like all the rest is a "First pass" and is still under construction...

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Some pictures of our birds, good flights overall great weekend...
My bird ready to go
Ok, lets fire it up
Sliding out to get some distance
Lift off
Still Climbing
Nice distant hover
Dad & I at the park I'm just about done w/ my 1st flight of the weekend
Dad ready to go with his bird
Dad getting ready to start
Dad with a nice level 4ft hover
Dad's bird mid tree hight
Dad's bird mid tree hight 2
Dad's bird landed & spinning down
My bird ready for another flight
My bird winding up
And lift off
Nice 2ft hover, exhaust showing "in grownd effect"
Nice solid 1ft hover, exhaust showing "in ground effect sold no movement"
Nice solid 5ft hover, exhaust showing "in ground effect sold no movement"
My bird backward flight
My bird forward flight
Nose in, 4ft hover, "exhaust showing"
Bringing it in nice right forward sweeping turn Dad & I in the background
My bird coming in
My bird approtching
Nice up close hang
Approtching, about 2ft
Approtching, about 2ft 2
Approtching, about 1ft
Approtching, about 6 inches, "check exhaust for ground effect"
Touch down!
I'm done, Dads turn again
Dad getting readt to crank it up again
Dad's bird spinup
Dad flying circles around park drain
Dad flying circles around park drain 2
Dad windup - lift off
Dad nice forward right sweeping turn, by tree
Dad nice solid level 4ft hover
Dad 6-8ft "nose in" hover
Dad climbing fly by
Dad climbing fly by 2
Dad's bird getting major air!
Dad doing another fly by
Dad nice 20+ foot hover
Dad, awsome forward decending right sweeping turn
Dad, nice tree top hover
Ouch!, Dad's bird rough landing