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This page like all the rest is a "First pass" and is still under construction...

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  • Link to pictures, flying weekend 5/17/03 Shots from 5/17/03

    Some Pictures of my bird...
    Just got home / Raptor is ready 5/31/02
    Another shot of my Raptor 5/31/02
    Bumber My 1st crash after 45 seconds of flight
    My 1st crash 2
    My 1st crash 3
    Raptor fixed and ready to rock 6/1/02
    Raptor fixed 6/1/02 2
    Raptor fixed 6/1/02 3
    Crappy training gear Don't use this kind!
    If you must fix it like this BEFORE you fly!
    Muffler shot, I like this one. Quiet w/ lots of power
    Mounted PZ-200 gyro, seems to work ok
    Remote glo-plug attachment
    Rx, Batt, Integ internal ant & batt meter
    Internal shot "Left"
    Internal shot "Right"
    Main rotor stop button
    2oz header tank for inverted flight "Someday"
    Getting ready for another flight
    Jessie and I getting ready to go
    Starting it up
    Intital "Spin up"
    Me woundering whats going on. You must pay attention
    Light hover w/ Training gear
    Good 2+ foor hover w/ training gear
    Time for a quick fuel check
    Need to relocate then, good to go
    Good 3+ foot hover
    Another hover
    Tails dropping, I think I'm getting tired
    Spin up no training gear
    Short hover no training gear, It's getting dark
    Landed safe and sound
    WOW, I have all my fingers