Boating at Canyon Lake 6/14/03

Some Pictures...
Chantelle, "Help me! Its to cold!"
Kim and Joanne
Makensie tubing
Boating through Canyon Lake
Makensie tubing outside wake
Makensie tubing outside wake 2
Dave at the wheel
Chantelle tubing
Joanne and Dave
Me tubing
Me tubing 2
Me tubing 3
Joanne tubing
Joanne tubing 2
Joanne tubing 3
Joanne tubing 4
Kim and Makensie getting some sun
Dave trying to "reach" Chantelle
Dave tubing
Dave tubing 2
Chantelle watching Dave tube
Dave tubing 3
Makensie enjoying the ride
Joanne driving
Joanne driving 2
Chantelle and Makensie cheking out a cave
Chantelle and Makensie cheking out a cave 2
The dam on Canyon lake
Dave relaxing at the wheel
Joanne and Kim getting some sun
Makensie and Joanne
Chantelle talking to Dave