Our Memorial Day trip at Dad's 05/26/2008

This page like all the rest is a "First pass" and is still under construction...

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Some Pictures or our adventure...
Map of the Flagstaff Cinders OHV area
Snowing before the weekend
Snow before the weekend
More snow before the weekend
Nine inches of snow
Yes that's nine inches of snow in late May
Snowing had to wait to unload
Camp setup quads unloaded
Camp and quads
Snowing first night
Flurries by the fire
Trying to keep warm
Flurries by the fire Brad, Lisa, & Steve
More by the fire, Steve, Deb, Windy & Kim
Rob & Darin by the fire
Steve bundling up
Lisa & Brad
Group by the fire
Group by the fire 2, Nice Jacket Deb!
$35.00 or Jeep Hill
One of the twin creators top of $100 Hill
Top of Red Bowl
Camp 2
Camp 3
Kim cooking
More to come...