My Labor Day Camping adventure with the Ulmers 9/2/02

This page like all the rest is a "First pass" and is still under construction...

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Some Pictures of our weekend...
Cool, little purple flower
Me with one of my FAVORITE tools
Me sawing off a pice of wood for the fire
Me sawing off more wood for the fire
Matt chopping down a tree for fire wood
Ploting our 2 mile hike to the Willow Valley Dam
Rebekah and Makensie taking a rest
Me about to finish up the hike
Made it, Willow Valley Dam. The Big Hole
Rebekah and Makensie on top of the dam
Over looking the valley from atop the dam
Willow Valley Dam sign
Willow Valley Dam sign close up 2
Rebekah by the camp fire
The kids, pine cone burning - this was great