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The information provided on my site and by my Blockrocker booklet is presented for educational and or informational purposes only. Manufacturing fireworks or explosives requires a federal license as well as state and local permits. I assume NO liability for the misuse of this information.

I do not sell fireworks or exsplosives of any kind. NO, I will not send you anything but my booklet. Please don't ask.

Check with local law enforcement prior to assembling and / or detonating any fireworks or explosive devices. Be aware of the laws governing the use of fireworks in your area.

A few words...

New years & The 4th of July are my favorite holidays. Unfortunately we live in a country where the few can and will continue to ruin it for the may. Don't be a dumbass! Every time some one gets hurt with something surrounding fireworks, guns, knives, etc. "most of the time their own fault", "what happened to being responsible for our own actions ?" the democrats get their panties in a bundle and go after our very freedoms our forefathers fought and died to protect. That's why you probable can't have or enjoy salute or report type fireworks now and are reading my page. I know, I've heard all the lip service about "dry areas", "fire threat to the environment", etc. Funny though anyone that knows anything about pyrotechnics knows that report type fireworks burn way to fast to start fires. Also, funny I though, is that in areas where these type of fireworks are unlawful, many times fountains, sparklers and other items that emit a huge amount of hot sparks and flame are legal. I wonder what one has the higher potential for starting a fire. That's a hard one. Oh, lets us not forget about the "as long as it doesn't leave the ground or explode" rule. What kind of crap is that. See, we get to enjoy the things that other people feel are safe and what "they" think is reasonable. I know firework shows are great and all but you know as well as I do its nothing like blasting a few yourself. That's why twice a year I have to become a criminal to enjoy my right to peruse happiness that NO ONE will take from me. Enough said.
Visual drawing of a BlockRocker...

Picture of several completed Blockrockers. Can be made in various colors, notice use of electric ignition for circumstances that require a more precise detonation or those to "scared" to light the fuse.

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